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  • You can also use a normal / static dashboard while you need to reveal regional or enterprise-wide facts to a hard and fast of users, consisting of a particular area's income number, or a particular support team's overall performance on case closures.As far as the second one a part of the question is concerned, no we cannot agenda a dynamic dashboard. That is due to the fact each time we open the Salesforce Interview Questions and answers dashboard, it's going to display the statistics generated in real-time. Master-Detail Relationship (1: n): - It is a determine-baby dating in which the master item contr ols the behavior of the dependent toddler object. It is a 1: n courting, wherein there can be handiest one parent, however many youngsters. The essential concept you want to be realize is that, being the controlling item, the master subject cannot be empty. If a report / area in grasp object is deleted, the corresponding fields within the based item are also deleted. This is referred to as a cascade delete. Dependent fields will inherit the owner, sharing and safety settings from its grasp. You can define master-element relationships between two custom gadgets, or between a custom object and trendy item so long as the same old object is the master within the dating.

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