'Paper.io' Cheats, Strategies, and Tips: How To Get A 100 Score In The Android, iOS Game

  • 'Paper.io' is sweeping the mobile world, and this free Android and iOS app is jam-packed with strategy. This guide contains tips and hacks to assist you in achieving the greatest possible score.

    We thought you would be interested in a guide full of ideas and methods to help you reach that desired 100 percent score on Paper.io, which is the hottest fad on Android and iOS right now. We'll tell you what we know, but a lot of this software is based on player skill and random chance.

    How to play Paper.io

    Paper.io's gameplay mechanics are nearly identical to those of Splix.io, which was released for mobile devices in September. When you're laying down paper, try to cover as much of the board as you can with your color before dying it. You can achieve a perfect score by completing all of the tasks. It's uncommon, but it's conceivable.

    In 'Paper.io,' you must wrap your trail around the bold starting point to grow your territory. You spawn from a bolded square of your color at the start of each match. You navigate your avatar using touch controls to grab chunks of turf that must always link to that initial piece. It's a little difficult to convey in words, but it's easy to see in action. Your score will be higher the more turf you turn to your color.

    The AI opponents of various colors attempting to cover the same board, though, make Paper.io substantially more challenging. They can break up your lines as you join new lines to build your base, killing you quickly. You can also cut off opponents' lines to kill them and take over their territory.

    How to die in Paper.io

    It may appear as if you're dying out of nowhere when you're just getting started. Here's a list of things that will make you lose right away. In 'Paper.io,' you must disrupt your opponent's color trail with your own. Always be on the lookout for people who are attempting to bring you down.

    If you and another payer have a disagreement when you're in their color, your drawing line is not connected to the bolded base. Your path is obstructed by another player.

    What are coins and how do I get them?

    Coins are given out based on how well you perform in Paper.io. The number of coins you receive at the end of each round is determined by multiplying your percentage score by eight and opponent kills by thirty. Your coin yield is the sum of the two estimates, rounded up. If you encounter a score milestone notice while playing, that total may also be multiplied by two or three.

    You must cover a broad area and eliminate opponents in order to obtain coins.

    What is the purpose of coins?

    You can buy avatars that lay down more fascinating paper designs as you play Paper.io if you collect enough coins. By tapping the? block on the title screen, you can get to the store. Avatars abound at the 'Paper.io' marketplace. They're expensive, but they're merely aesthetic.

    The benefit is solely cosmetic, and each one costs between 5,000 and 25,000 coins. Avatars dedicated to holidays and major score milestones are also available.

    Cheats, tips, and strategies for success

    Existing gamers were most likely drawn here by the promise of strategy, and we hope we don't let them down. Here are some of our favorite ways to get to 100.

    • Near 'Paper.io,' starting your path in the corner is the best method to scoop up large sections of turf.
    • When it comes to cheating, you can turn off your Wifi and data connection to disable adverts. Shutting those off while hardcore practicing may help you stay concentrated.
    • If you watch a timed ad on the title screen, you'll occasionally be offered extra lives. Because lives are essentially a continuation, the benefit may be worthwhile. You won't be able to choose that option until you have data.
    • When it comes to consuming space, leaving a significant trail is always a risk. Rather than dying, build tiny squares more often to keep opponents at bay.
    • The only time you should take enormous portions is in corners where you know you won't be cut off. If you can go close to a border, go for it.
    • Killing other players is a major plus, but only do it if you perceive an evident opportunity while gaining your own space. If there's a large path with no one around, it's probably best to sneak in.
    • Don't get caught with your eyes on the scoreboard. If you're in first place, your avatar will be crowned.
    • If you need to know, the top left of the match screen displays your best score, current percentage, and kill count.
    • Because the spawning are completely random, it's sometimes just a matter of luck. If you keep losing, each match is really a new opportunity to try again.

    Where can I play Paper.io on a computer?

    Many people want to know how to play Paper.io in their preferred web browser. Right now, it appears that you won't be able to. Splix.io, on the other hand, is essentially the same game. It's available to play right now. If you choose low quality mode, it will even run on older PCs.

    Paper.io is now available as a free io games download on Android and iOS. What are your tricks and tactics for getting a perfect score on Paper.io? Will you continue to play the game? Let us know in the comments!

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