How to Host Apps on Heroku?

  • Hi All!

    I heard a lot about Heroku when it comes to deploying applications. Last year, it was free to begin deployment on Heroku, but it ended all of its free-tier programs. I checked about current dynos and hosting rates, and they are still economical. So, I am willing to host one of my React.js applications on this platform.

    However, I am confused about using the approach to deploy an app there. Likewise, it is quick and easy to proceed with GitHub and deploy code on Heroku. I also found several supporting tutorials like this for this kind of deployment, but I am willing to deploy the app through Dockerfile. I was checking YouTube to see a better video in this regard, but I didn't find a suitable source.

    So, I am here to get your opinions. Also, it would be great if you could share sources, mainly the video links for Heroku deployments.

    In addition, what other means do you prefer when it comes to hosting Heroku?

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