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    Hi All!

    I heard a lot about Heroku when it comes to deploying applications. Last year, it was free to begin deployment on Heroku, but it ended all of its free-tier programs. I checked about current dynos and hosting rates, and they are still economical. So, I am willing to host one of my React.js applications on this platform.

    However, I am confused about using the approach to deploy an app there. Likewise, it is quick and easy to proceed with GitHub and deploy code on Heroku. I also found several supporting tutorials like this for this kind of deployment, but I am willing to deploy the app through Dockerfile. I was checking YouTube to see a better video in this regard, but I didn't find a suitable source.

    So, I am here to get your opinions. Also, it would be great if you could share sources, mainly the video links for Heroku deployments.

    In addition, what other means do you prefer when it comes to hosting Heroku?

    Haas looks like a trustworthy insurance group, but I have assets like home and car in the United Kingdom, so I always try to find reliable UK-based insurance companies. Although it is seamless here to approach an insurance agent but it is difficult to pick the right company, cover and quotes.

    Therefore, to find economical quotes and compare the plans of different insurance covers, I always trust this Multiquotetime Ltd platform because of its outstanding data. Indeed, Multiquotetime is one of the credible online sources which permits users to access and compare insurance quotes for vehicles, property, business and much more.

    However, if you only want to get this comparison service in Canada, then you can choose ThinkInsure. This service has around 1300+ reviews on Google Business. But yes, you can consult with locals before proceeding with this platform.

    Philo TV offered a variety of channels and on-demand content, including popular TV shows from various genres. The best shows on Philo TV by DigitalCruch can vary based on your personal preferences and the channels available in your subscription package. Here are some TV shows that were popular and widely enjoyed at that time:

    1. The Walking Dead: This post-apocalyptic zombie drama series has been a long-running hit and was available on Philo through AMC.
    2. The Real Housewives Franchise: Philo offered various Real Housewives series, providing a glimpse into the lives of affluent women in different cities.
    3. Live PD: A popular documentary series that follows police officers on patrol in real time. It was available through A&E on Philo.
    4. HGTV Shows: Philo had a selection of popular home improvement and real estate shows like "Property Brothers" and "Fixer Upper."
    5. Comedy Central Shows: If you're into comedy, you could enjoy series like "South Park," "The Daily Show with Trevor Noah," and "Workaholics."
    6. Food Network Shows: Philo included shows like "Chopped," "Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives," and "Good Eats" for food enthusiasts.
    7. History Channel Series: You could watch historical documentaries and series such as "Ancient Aliens" and "Vikings."
    8. A&E Shows: Beyond "Live PD," A&E also offered other popular series like "Storage Wars" and "60 Days In."
    9. Discovery Channel Shows: You could explore educational and documentary series like "MythBusters" and "Deadliest Catch."
    10. BBC America Series: If you're a fan of British TV, you might find shows like "Doctor Who" and "Sherlock" on Philo.

    Please note that the availability of shows on Philo TV can change over time as the platform negotiates its content agreements. I recommend checking the Philo TV website or app for the most up-to-date information on their channel lineup and available shows. Additionally, new shows and seasons may have been added since my last update, so it's a good idea to explore their catalogue for the latest offerings.

    Hi All!

    I am not a pro biker but before winter, I am willing to go for a biking or cycling tour. I have got some training in this regard. Also, I have purchased all the necessary gear and gadgets for this trip. However, I didn't buy any caps for my journey. According to my instructor, I must include caps to safeguard myself from sunshine and heat. But I'm a little confused between different options.

    Likewise, the use of GripGrab's lightweight summer caps could be ideal in this regard and they could also fit smoothly under my helmet. With a few pairs of these hats, I am also interested in getting some structured baseball caps from here because I love wearing them. Yes, on some trips, I should travel without a helmet and on these occasions, I would love to wear baseball caps. Do you think wearing such caps could compromise safety while riding?

    What are your suggestions and opinions in this regard?

    There are several ways to examine the purity of a real diamond. Here, I am sharing a few suggestions to check real diamonds:

    - First of all, you can check the jeweller's loupe to examine the diamond. With this instrument, you can check the imperfections. The more imperfections you find on the diamond, the more compromised the purity.

    - Similarly, a fake diamond could be recognized because of its icy or fogged appearance.

    - You can also ask for certification from the jeweller to test the purity of the diamond.

    Instead of buying natural diamonds, it is a better idea to go with lab-grown diamonds. Yes, I personally prefer using lab-grown diamonds because they are economical and easy to access. I usually buy lab-grown diamonds from this Melbourne store…ne-lab-diamonds-melbourne because of its great customer service, cut and clarity. However, you can't only buy these lab-grown diamonds from a Melbourne-based store but these guys also deal virtually.

    On the contrary, if you have the budget the idea of buying natural diamonds is not bad. But for me, lab-grown ones are more affordable and seamless to access.

    Howdy Folks!

    My development team coded a high-performing application and selected Ruby on Rails in terms of language and framework. Although we didn't find particular difficulties in the development of this application but we found deployment a little complicated. According to different guides, I should select the hosting service first and then should proceed with the deployment process. My team shortlisted DigitalOcean because of its economical nature and different properties.

    However, there are some problems with DigitalOcean. Likewise, it doesn't offer live support and even the option of paid support is also not accessible. Also, you don't find too many regions for server deployment. That is why my team is analyzing other than DO hosting and in this regard, we are considering using Back4app. One of our teammates shared this source and suggested us adopt this solution. Indeed, Back4app officially claims about providing support to RoR so it could be a better choice.

    Withal, we still didn't test Back4app. That is why, I am here to know your opinions.

    Thanks for sharing this useful course about Docker containers but I am not sure how someone can apply for this course. Yes, it doesn't look like an open-source course and I am not sure how I can access the course videos.

    However, I want to clarify that I don't need beginner-level training in Docker containers. Actually, I have made several Docker applications and deployed them by using Docker hosting like this but now, I want to proceed with complicated containerized applications. So, I want to enhance my knowledge through expert-level courses.

    Therefore, it will be great if you share more details about such courses. Withal, I can proceed with courses in English, Dutch and Spanish.

    Hi All!

    I live in California and commenced a startup a few months ago. Actually, I am working in the textile sector. Although we prefer local manufacturing but noticed it is more affordable if we import textile stuff from South Asian countries. In this regard, our seller sent us a container last month but we are not happy with the delivery duration. It took too much time to deliver the shipment. That is why, we want to arrange these shipment things on our side this time.

    Therefore, we are willing to find load boards where we can see the availabilities of services and find a good cargo partner. My team shortlisted DAT Load Board which comes with 5 different payment tiers but we are a little confused with its interface and that is why we need an alternative. With real-time loads and cargo, we are also giving importance to the global load board from here but we don't see many details about the budget and urgent status of different companies. This is basically a directory where shippers and carriers put their details so we can't blame the directory.

    By the way, what are your thoughts about Freight Forwarder Services? Or should I consider another load-board platform?

    I am willing to hear more from you. So, come with more options with a live tracking feature.

    Thanks for sharing this reputed Instagram advertising company that is based in UAE here. I would definitely consider its services for my upcoming MiddleEast based projects. However, startups or companies with limited budgets can consider reasonable ways to promote their businesses on Instagram.

    They can simply benefit from this Instagram video ad editor and maker to quickly create videos to advertise their products on this social networking site. BannerBoo provides 4k+ ready-to-use templates in this regard and you just need to pay Instagram for running your ads. I think it is cost-efficient compared tp hiring a company. However, if you have enough budget then you can definitely proceed with company.

    Hi Everyone!

    My husband's company recently transferred him from the Los Angeles branch to the Berlin branch. It is the first time when he is moving to German without his family. Although he has worked in France and UK but he is not much familiar with Germans and their culture. So, he is trying to explore the basics of German culture and values. In this regard, we have ordered several books to understand Germans and people's behaviour.

    However, I suggested him to get some similar German looks. Hereof, we are thinking to change his haircut as an initial step. Honestly, he wants one of these taper haircuts because they are trending nowadays but I am not sure what haircuts are popular in Berlin nowadays. Especially, what kind of haircuts, the business community of German likes.

    So, it will be great if you guys share your thoughts.

    Thanks for sharing this thread and link to learn more about Docker deployment. No doubt, Docker deployment has changed the development world and it has become highly scalable to deploy applications in a containerized environment.

    It is not only lightweight because you are using less memory, RAM and further resources to deploy an app with Docker but you can also improve your collaboration while performing this deployment with the help of Docker Hub. Especially, it is entirely free to deploy your Docker apps with cloud service providers (CSPs) and Back4App is a big name here.

    Yes, you can simply follow to guide about deploying Docker apps and smoothly set up your Next.js application on this platform with zero downtime. You just need to integrate your GitHub repository to conduct this task. Withal, you need IaaS platforms you deploy your Docker apps then you can also consider using Google Cloud Product, AWS and Azure.