Norton Family iOS Child App 1.9 is now available!

  • We are glad to release Norton Family iOS Child App 1.9 for our clients. Note: This discharge is being done in a staged way.

    Below are FAQs that may address a portion of your inquiries.

    1. What's the rendition number of this application?

    Norton Family for iOS (Child application) 1.9.0

    2. What's going on in this assemble?

    • Time extension feature

    ◦ Time expansion include gives the capacity to kids to demand for extra time as they approach a time limit. Youngsters are permitted to utilize their iOS gadget once the solicitation is affirmed by their folks.

    • Defect fixes

    • Engineering improvements

    3. How do I download the application?

    You can legitimately download Norton Family for iOS (Child application) from the App Store

    4. Where would I be able to post my inquiries?

    Visit our forum to post your inquiries.

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