Syria accuses Israel of carrying out strike, 2nd this week

  • Syria accused Israel of carrying out an airstrike in a central province early on Thursday, the second such attack this week. The aerial attack caused material damage, it said.

    The country's state news agency pg slot quoted an unidentified Syrian military official as saying the air defense systems shot down most of the missiles in the attack in the region of Quseir in Homs province. The report did not say what was targeted.

    There was no immediate comment from Israel on the Syrian report.

    Neighboring Lebanon's president, Michel Aoun, urged his foreign minister to protest with the United Nations the use of Lebanese airspace to carry out attacks on Syria. Lebanese media meanwhile reported that a rocket fell inside Lebanon — in Lahfed, a village in the north — on Thursday, causing a large crater in the ground.

    A video captured by residents, distributed on social media and broadcast on Lebanese TV, shows a crowd gathering around the crater in the night, inspecting the rocket. One resident says: “If this fell 500 meters away, it would have damaged many homes.”

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