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  • Recently we saw Abhinav got wiped out from Khatron Ke Khiladi's Semi Finals.He therefore proceeds with that today another challenger will get disposed of from KKK12. Divyanka previously got the Ticket to Finale which implies she will straightforwardly play out the tricks in finale week.The excess competitors who will play out the present tricks are Arjun, Shweta, Varun, Sana, Vishal, and Rahul.From these 6, one hopeful will express farewell to Capetown and Khatron Ke Khiladi.He likewise compliments all the semi finalists of this season.Before the trick, Rohit asks who will win this show. Everyone gives replies there.Later he also inquires as to whether they need to out their Bhadas on anybody.Arjun, Shweta, Varun plays the speculating the word game.

    Shweta, Varun and Arjun will do this trick in a similar request. The 2 washouts of this trick will straightforwardly go in the ends.

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    Rohit Shetty informed the candidates around another contender to be disposed of from the show. In the present episode hopefuls played out the tricks to affirm their spot in the finals.

    first stunt:

    Shweta was going to begin stunt however she isn't prepared to play out the trick.

    In the wake of taking at some point she figures out how to begin the trick yet tragically cuts short it subsequent to gathering a few banners.

    Later on, Rohit Shetty allows one more opportunity to get payback from some other competitor.

    They pick Rahul, everyone appreciates it.

    Presently it's the ideal opportunity for the second trick of the day.

    Rahul, Sana, and Vishal will do this trick. A washout will get dread fanda joining Shweta and Varun.

    Rahul, Sana, and Vishal partook in the second trick of the semi finale. The washout of this trick needed to contend in the disposal stunt.

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    In this trick, challengers needed to get done with the job while flying in a helicopter. As the helicopter arrived at the beginning stage, the challengers needed to hop in the water. Afterwards, candidates needed to take a dip to the kayak boat and needed to take this boat to various places where they needed to gather every one of the pieces of the detonator handle. Further, they needed to gather the handle to set fire free from it. Every one of the hopefuls finished the trick while Sana took the most time among everybody. Sana needed to rival Shweta and Varun in the disposal stunt.

    Stunt: A contender will be in a flying helicopter (chopper). When the chopper arrives at the beginning imprint, then he/she should hop in the water. He/she should swim to the kayak boat and later take this boat to every one of the imprints and gather every one of the pieces of the detonator handles. After these are gathered, the contender will emerge from the water, collect that handle and append press that to fire it.

    Sana start the trick first and subsequent to investing a lot of energy she finishes the trick.

    Presently Rahul begins the trick and effectively finishes it.

    Vishal's intermediary Varun start the trick. He likewise figured out how to finish the trick.Presently Varun begins the trick. He snared a few banners and afterwards cuts short the trick.Arjun begins the trick. He cuts short the trick in the wake of snaring a few banners.Presently the outcome is: Shweta gathered many banners however didn't snared any of it, Varun snared 3 banners, while Arjun snared 4 banners.

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