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    Easy Press Call Button for Nurse Call Systems – Frequency Precision

    Epilepsy Monitor & Pager Set for Home Carers The convulsion sensor mat is placed underneath the bed mattress and will detect an epileptic seizure (the type that causes the entire body to shake). The bleeper pager can be carried by a carer around the house (even in a different room or in the garden) and will bleep, flash and vibrate when the convulsion sensor mat is activated. Features Discrete The bed pressure mat is placed underneath the bed mattress and connected to a small control box. Adjustable sensitivity The control box has a dial to make the mat more or less sensitive depending on how heavy the person is. Long battery life The control box is powered by two household AA batteries which will last for up to one year. Reliable The bed pressure mat is waterproof and contains only air, so there's nothing inside it that can go wrong. The control box is made of impact-resistant plastic and supplied with a protective rubber case and straps to attach it to the side of the bed. The carer will be alerted to a seizure no matter where they are in the house. When the bed pressure mat detects the entire body shaking during an epileptic seizure, it will send a message to the pager: The pager can be carried by a carer around the house and will even work in the garden (it has a range of up to 400m). More details Works underneath all mattresses (including pressure relieving airflow mattresses). Batteries included (2 x AA batteries). Mat goes under the mattress so no loss of comfort. No technical knowledge required. 1-year warranty & 30-day money-back guarantee. "We have ordered several products from Frequency Precision for the people we support, mostly their convulsion sensors. Specification Please note that this product is not a medical device and is not intended to be used for diagnosis or monitoring of disease. It is intended to be used as a care assist product.

    Hello everyone, I'm Chris Woris. I live in London UK. I want to tell you about the pressure sensor pad, how I stayed able to save my grandmother with the help of the pressure sensor pad, when she was about to die prematurely.

    This is the time when I was 26 years old. After the death of my parents, my grandmother used to take care of me. When I was only 23 years old, my grandmother's health started deteriorating. It became difficult for me to take care of grandma with jobs. Then finally I decided to get married so that after I left there is someone at home who can take care of grandma. Shortly after my marriage, my wife started getting angry with me because she did not feel like at home and she also wanted to work. Since I was a government employee, I could not leave my job. Seeing it again, I gave permission to my wife to do the job.

    But now my anxiety again increased because my grandmother again became alone at home. Now I could not understand what to do. Then finally I made up my mind to leave my job and I told the whole thing to my boss, then he told me not to worry as I say. He gave me 2 suggestions, first is that I can hire a nurse but the problem was that if the nurse could not take care of my grandma properly and something happened from behind us which I do not even want to imagine. . Then Sir gave me another suggestion which I thought was right, he said that you bring a pressure sensor pad which will help you a lot. He said that the pressure sensor pad is a type of alert device that works wirelessly. You can place it anywhere on the floor or bed, if you want, you can also hire a nurse whose mobile will be connected to that pressure sensor pad, you and your wife should also connect it to your system. They told that these pressure sensor pads work wirelessly and that is why they are also very fast and they send alerts to the connected device if anything goes wrong. By this, the person whose pressure sensor pad will be connected to the system can go and help the patient and save him.

    Now I wanted a good pressure sensor pad. For this, I also searched the internet and my boss also advised me to take a pressure sensor pad of Frequency Precision. He said that Frequency Precision uses Airlert Technology and is also the best and largest manufacturer and supplier of devices like these. So I bought the pressure sensor pad of Frequency Precision and it proved to be very good. There have been many times when the pressure sensor pad alerted us at the right time and we saved Grandma at the right time. Many thanks to the pressure sensor pad of Frequency Precision.

    NurseCall mats can be a costly recurrent buy for care homes, medical clinics and different offices where if avoidance is vital. The Frequency Precision NurseCall Mat System outlives other floor mats due to its nature of development and rough, tough surface, giving heavenly an incentive to cash.

    On covered surfaces, the Frequency Precision NurseCall Mat System can be set legitimately onto the floor and connected to your current system for prompt meander cautions. A discretionary enemy of slip work can be bought if the nursecall mat is being set on a hard surface, for example, tiles or lino, to forestall movement of the mat.

    During a convulsive tonic / clonic seizure (hardening at that point yanking) the frequency precision epilepsy alarm sensor recognizes the strange delayed developments. Seizure development can be identified as fast as 5 seconds, contingent upon settings as depicted previously. The screen at that point communicates an alert sign to the two carer pagers provided as a major aspect of the framework.

    A few people vocalize going before or during a seizure. To help dependable location of minor convulsive seizures, an implicit amplifier, recurrence tuned to distinguish human sounds, consistently screens for sound. An addition (sound level) control permits the ideal sound location level to be set, with the setting additionally carefully put away to forestall alter. Recognized sounds bring about a caution transmission to the carer pagers.