Right Cap for Biking?

  • Hi All!

    I am not a pro biker but before winter, I am willing to go for a biking or cycling tour. I have got some training in this regard. Also, I have purchased all the necessary gear and gadgets for this trip. However, I didn't buy any caps for my journey. According to my instructor, I must include caps to safeguard myself from sunshine and heat. But I'm a little confused between different options.

    Likewise, the use of GripGrab's lightweight summer caps could be ideal in this regard and they could also fit smoothly under my helmet. With a few pairs of these hats, I am also interested in getting some structured baseball caps from here https://www.buckwholesale.com/baseball-hats/ because I love wearing them. Yes, on some trips, I should travel without a helmet and on these occasions, I would love to wear baseball caps. Do you think wearing such caps could compromise safety while riding?

    What are your suggestions and opinions in this regard?

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