Government Savings Bank prepares a credit limit of ten thousand million. Fill SME liquidity using title deeds

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    Government Savings Bank Director Vithai Rattanakorn revealed that the bank has issued a “SMEs loan with money” with the concept of being a fair option for entrepreneurs. Allowing individuals and juristic persons that are SMEs to use the title deed as collateral for the loan. The maximum loan amount is 50 million baht to bring money to supplement liquidity for the business. Or to be redeemed from the contract of sale made The project amount is 10,000 million baht, starting from now on until June 30, 2021 or until the credit is expired.

    The “available SMEs loans with money” will allow SME entrepreneurs to Apply for a loan to enhance liquidity And redemption from private sale, both in the system and outside the system, who entered into a redemption contract from 1 Jan -31 Oct 2020 by using the condition of credit collateral, namely land and buildings Do not have to pass a credit check bureau Borrower eligibility Can be both natural person and juristic person สล็อตxo But must have been in SME business for at least 1 year and use credit for revolving business Cannot take credit for personal consumption The bank will consider lending up to 70% of the government's land appraisal value. Do not consider the burden of the borrower. And not analyzing income Credit line for individual from 1 million baht but not more than 10 million baht juristic person 1 million baht but not more than 50 million baht charged interest rate 5.99% per year throughout the contract term. And the borrower can take the principal to redeem the land back when ready Within a period of 3 years, the borrower can choose whether You can deduct interest at all or pay by installments after 3 years if you still can't pay the principal. Can continue to negotiate debt restructuring

    Mr Withai said the Government Savings Bank had previously issued measures to help those who have suffered from the impact of the COVID-19 outbreak. Come continually By issuing loans with special conditions that focus on reducing the burden and increasing financial liquidity for the public. And small entrepreneurs But there are still many SMEs entrepreneurs who have run their businesses under difficulties. Still unable to borrow money from financial institutions under the previous measures Because of the business problem, lack of income and having the same debt Therefore, it is necessary to turn to various forms of informal recovery, especially the methods. "Land sale" that makes entrepreneurs have to face exploitation with very high loan interest. The loan amount is much lower than the appraised value. And there is a high probability of unfair land loss.

    In addition, on 8-9 Dec'20, the Bank is preparing to launch "Samui Model" to help tour operators affected by COVID-19. Which during the past As the Government Savings Bank has visited the survey area, it was found that Businesses on Koh Samui, such as Chaweng Beach, had closed almost 100% due to lack of tourists and therefore wanted to take a pilot to revive the economy at Samui. To be a model for other areas The help will be integrated. Including the addition of credit money, debt suspension, package to stimulate the demand for tourists, changing credit to gift cards And helping children get back to school, etc.

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