4 things your child might encounter if a baby tooth decay

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    1. Permanent teeth are also likely to decay.

    If a child has decayed milk teeth There will be a risk that permanent teeth will decay as well. Because of the very decay of milk teeth There may be a secretion that causes the rooting of the teeth below the milk teeth to not fully establish. Teeth that grow up may not be healthy. Easily corrodes Therefore decay more easily than usual

    In addition, children with milk teeth decay. สล็อตxoThey tend to have behaviors that do not take good care of their teeth. Both eating and not brushing your teeth as you should. When permanent teeth appear if they behave like before Would be the cause of tooth decay in the remaining teeth

    2. Double teeth

    Permanent teeth grow over time, starting at the age of 6 years. Baby teeth will naturally fall off. And as a guide to the permanent teeth that are below But if the decayed baby teeth Or was withdrawn prematurely The tooth next to the extracted tooth will fall in. Causing the nearby milk tooth to fall, squeeze or close a gap When the permanent teeth are raised, there is no room for the teeth to rise. Therefore have the opportunity to overlap


    3. Affect development

    Because teeth are responsible for chewing food. If the teeth are decayed, the teeth will not function fully. The child is malnourished Even if there is a lot of decay through the tooth cavity He also has pain, especially during the night and he cannot sleep, resulting in less growth-related hormones. Not working fully Causing poor growth It can affect both intelligence and height, can affect the physical and mental development of children in the long term.

    4. It affects personality.

    Baby teeth also play a role in speaking aloud consonants to make the child pronounce them clearly. If the cross-tooth has a gap, it will have an effect on speaking. Make speech blurry And for some, if they lose their milk teeth too quickly, it is not time for permanent teeth to replace them. Will have a longer period of time This can affect the image, personality and confidence of the child. Or may be teased about tooth decay

    I do not want the future of many children to decay by the milk teeth Need to take care of the baby teeth, so we should brush the teeth for children with fluoride toothpaste (at a concentration of at least 1,000 ppm) from the first tooth teething. And control children from becoming addicted to the sweet taste from a young age And check the cleanliness of the teeth and see if there are cavities or not periodically, including visiting the dentist within the first year To receive advice and receive an oral examination for children to become familiar with Not afraid of doctors either.

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