Bangkok Poll finds most people unregistered to participate in government measures.

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    Bangkok University Research Center Public opinion polls on “Thais and government measures to stimulate tourism and economy” by collecting data with 1,226 people from all regions across the country found that 60.9 percent of Thais plan to travel in สล็อตThailand by the end of the year. Which would like to travel to make merit the most Representing 22.1 percent, followed by wanting to go to the northern mountain Representing 21.1 percent and wanting to go to the island to the beautiful sea, 17.0 percent, while 39.1 percent have no travel plans.

    The most worrying thing If having to travel during a long vacation is Fear of tourists falling cards Do not wear a mask. Fear of COVID-19 It was 43.4 percent, followed by traffic congestion, 40.9 percent and traffic crashes, 25.6 percent.

    As for the measures to help stimulate tourism and the state economy that are expected to be used during the end of the year, it is found that Most of 70.5 percent were not enrolled in any of the measures, and 19.7 percent took half of the measures. Followed by 8.1 percent using the measures we travel together and 5.8 percent use the measures to shop for a good night.

    When asked, "Some government assistance measures Must be paid through the wallet application Are you ready to adapt to learn how to use it? ”Most of them 50.5 percent are ready to adapt, while 49.5 percent are not ready to adapt. Which in this number argues that it is difficult, convenient, uses more cash Accounted for 77.9 percent, followed by 27.4 percent without a smartphone They cannot use their smartphones and 15.9% fear their account information stolen.

    For his opinion on the overall picture of the measures to help stimulate tourism and the state economy It will help people to come out to spend much. For the most part, 55.0% thought it would help them spend relatively little to the least, while 45.0% thought it helped quite the most.

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