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  • What is Oxycontin?

    Oxycontin is a brand name with which an extended-release form of oxycodone medication is available in the market worldwide. Oxycontin belongs to the drug family known as opioid analgesics and helps treat moderate to severe pain from illnesses like cancers and complex regional pain syndrome. Oxycontin interacts with the brain and changes the way the body responds to pain, and that’s how the patient gets barred from feeling pain

    How to use Oxycontin?

    One should always take medications in the exact way as guided by us; one is consulting. Disregarding their direction can harm not only your body but also your mental state. While you buy oxycontin online, you can even check for a guide provided with it to know more about the right way of consuming the pill or injection.

    Oxycontin Dosage

    The typical oxycontin dosage is as per the following:

    For Children (0-17 years)
    • This drug is still under study to verify its safety in the case of children. However, even if required, it will be in a small quantity. Consult the doctor for the dosage plan
    For Adults (18-64 years)
    • (New to narcotics)The starting dosage would be from 9 mg every 12 hours with food. Your doctor will adjust the further doses according to the response of your body.
    • (Familia to narcotics)Your doctor will convey the total amount of the drug you will need, keeping in mind the earlier opioids you took.


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