7 action games for Android to keep the adrenaline rush up

  • A decent action game will always get your blood pounding and your adrenaline pumping. One of the most popular game genres is action. There are a lot of action games out there; how can you know which one is the best? The best way to tell if a game is good is if it constantly tempts you to keep playing. We've compiled a list of the best 11 action games for Android that will keep you busy for hours.

    #1 Cover Fire

    Viva Games Studio has released Cover Fire, an offline shooting game. In Cover Fire, the player must take command of the combat in order to demonstrate their shooting prowess. Sniper FPS Ops is a timed mode in which the player must eliminate adversaries before the timer runs out. The player is given three extra seconds with each target to make the mission a little simpler. The game has a fantastic plot and can be played without an internet connection. It supports the game's HD graphics and a large arsenal of weaponry.

    #2 Call of Duty

    This game is self-explanatory. Call of Duty: Mobile is a smartphone-only game. On multiplayer maps, the game configuration is provided, as well as a variety of options. It supports 5v5 teams in the game's deathmatch mode. The game's 3D graphics provide the gamer with an exciting experience. Up to 100 participants can participate in the game. There are numerous clothes, weapons, personalities, and scorestreaks to choose from.

    #3 Dawn of Zombies

    Call of Duty's theme is centered on the concept of surviving after the previous conflict. The game functions as an online simulator of a post-apocalyptic world in which players must combat hunger, mutants, aberrations, zombies, radiation, and even diseases in order to survive. As the night approaches, the game's difficulty level rises as well. To stay alive in the game, the player must construct both ground and underground defenses. It is critical to replenish energy by eating or taking a break in a shelter on a regular basis.

    #4 Gangstar Vegas

    You may immerse yourself in the realm of crime in Gangstar Vegas. The game takes place during a crime season, during which the player must survive and exist among gangs and thieves. The user in Gangstar Vegas can explore the huge metropolis as they choose; however, everything in this game comes with a cost. Surviving in the game of Gangstar Vegas is exceedingly difficult, from racing different cards to opening encounters. The game promises an endless supply of amusement and fun.

    #5 Fireboy and Watergirl

    Fireboy and Watergirl is an action game set deep within a forest. The game revolves around two characters who are dispatched on a quest to find the mysterious temple hidden deep within the jungle. There are various stages and puzzles in the game. The player can only move on in the game after completing the riddles. To win the game, the player must make full use of both characters' abilities. In Kizi, you can play Fireboy and Watergirl. While playing the game, keep in mind that the game will stop even if one of the characters dies.

    #6 Brawl Stars

    Brawl Stars is a fast-paced multiplayer game with a 3v3 mode. In under three minutes, you may complete the game. Brawl Stars is a game that may be played solo or with friends. Users can improve their brawls in Brawl Stars for extra super abilities, gadgets, and even star powers. Users can customize their skins to stand out from the crowd. To combat the enemy squad, it is recommended that you link up with a friend. The squad must acquire ten gems to win the game. Gem Grab, Showdown, Brawl Ball, Bounty, and Heist are some of the game modes available.

    #7 StarBlast

    StarBlast is an arcade game in which the player must shoot targets in outer space. Shooting is required, and the spaceship in which the player operates can be upgraded. StarBlast is a game that you may play on Poki. Collect gems in the following order to upgrade the spacecraft: shield capacity, shield regeneration, energy capacity, energy regeneration, laser damage, weapon speed, ship speed, and ship agility.

    These are the most popular action games in 2021; if you wish to see more action games, let us know.

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