Bike vs Longboard which one you should choose?

  • Hi everyone, how are you?

    I will talk about today bike and longboard. I will try to talk in detailed about them. So let's start

    Bike: Everybody know about bike, it is a two wheels riding instrument. Most of the people around the around like to ride bike. I also like to ride bike.

    Longboard: Longboard is a type of skateboard which is used for street surfing. Longboard is not much popular like bike

    Choosing one between these are depends on many things. So let's start discuss about these things:

    Personal Interests: Choosing bike or longboard much dependent on personal interest. I would like to advise the prefer the personal interest.

    Risk: Bike is less risky than longboards. Statistics show us that the rate of longboard riding injuries is much higher than bike riding injuries.

    Price: Longboard is less customizable than the bike. As a result, longboards price is much lower compared to the bike.

    Maneuverable: Bike is much more maneuverable than longboard.

    These are the main differnces between longboard and Bike. I would like to consider personal interest mostly.

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