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  • What is mobile marketing? (Complete Targeted Mobile Traffic Guide)

    Do you read this article about mobile marketing on your mobile phone? More than 80% of Internet users connect to the web through smartphones. Both marketers and customers start their web services with mobile. Digital marketers are significantly more interested in creating mobile campaigns because they know that mobile users are mobile buyers.

    Salesforce statistics show that 68% of companies have synchronized mobile marketing with their marketing strategy. The sooner you reach out to mobile users and solve their problems, the better results you can get at your job.

    It is no longer a mystery that success in online commerce has its challenges. One of them is to know how to interact with high potential customers on different platforms and devices. Not only will you get the best results from your mobile phone, but with a good understanding of how mobile marketing works, you can take full control of your marketing plans.

    Let me start with a quick definition.


    Any marketing activity that is managed through the Internet and customers are constantly connected to it using a personal mobile device. Seems everyone these days is attached to their smartphone. Take advantage of that and buy mobile traffic which is driven to your website from Android and iOS devices. Statistics support the fact that more and more web searches are derived from mobile devices. Buy mobile traffic and find your prospective audience exactly where they are at! In Wikipedia, mobile marketing means marketing by or inside a mobile device. Another expert has come up with this definition: Mobile marketing as an advertising activity designed to be presented on mobile phones, smartphones, and other mobile devices, usually as part of a multi-channel campaign.


    The history of mobile marketing goes back to when the first SMS and mobile short codes were launched in 2003. Pontiac and Nike were the first brands to launch the SMS campaign in 2005. That's when both brands realized that mobile marketing was the future because people were obsessed with mobile phones. In 2007, there were 2.4 billion SMS users worldwide. Apple launched its first iPhone in the United States, and QR codes were added to mobile marketing in 2010, ushering in a new era in marketing.

    Targeted email marketing where the response rate is only 6%, text messages have an exceptional response rate of 45%. Text messages are delivered instantly, read immediately, and bring unique results to brands.


    Consumers prefer to shop through their mobile devices. More than 44% of the time spent on the Internet is related to mobile phones. Up to 78% of mobile searches lead to purchases. The mobile presence is growing rapidly and is expected to dominate e-commerce in the future. Mobile e-commerce accounted for 34% of global e-commerce in 2016, up from 31% in 2017.

    There is still no excuse for businesses to reject mobile marketing. What do you think to buy website traffic ?


    Mobile marketing includes a complete set of activities related to business strategy and overall marketing strategy. Mobile marketing does not always work the same for all businesses.

    Here are the steps that brands need to go through in order to create mobile marketing:

    • Define goals for mobile marketing
    • Define the target audience and the mobile market
    • Mobile phone use
    • integration


    These ads will show your ad in third-party mobile apps. This is a great way to Get high quality targeted website traffic to your homepage. Ready to run an app advertising campaign to promote your app? You can now contact G-Eds experts for advice on advertising your app or other apps.


    What do you think about running a click-through advertising campaign for mobile phone users?

    This type of advertising can be used for various purposes:

    • Lead generation
    • sales increase
    • Install the application
    • Increase site traffic
    • Geographical targeting

    A mobile search ad campaign can be set up from a click-through network such as Google Ads or Bings Ads. If you plan to run this type of advertising campaign, you have to choose mobile ads specifically. You can open a special account with the help of G-Ads experts to start mobile ads.

    That's logical, right?

    No one will appreciate your SMS if they do not know you, your brand, or will never allow you to send messages. When you are allowed to contact a customer, this is the point where you will receive a better response.

    This is a two-step process:

    1. Get satisfaction
    2. Database management

    Geo-fencing is a feature that uses GPS or RFID to define and track geographical boundaries. Geofence is a radius or area created by us around a specific place such as near a store or a school.

    Now is the time to develop an app for your brand. This will increase your brand awareness and customer loyalty, because 85% of people prefer an app to an optimized Targeted mobile website Traffic . Even if you do not have a good mobile website, you can have loyal customers just by having an app. Either way, an app lets you connect with your customers over the phone during the day.

    Posting irrelevant suggestions is a bad idea.

    86% of customers reported that it would be helpful to receive relevant and personalized offers when shopping in-store.

    Your customers expect a lot from you. They want nothing more than personal offers.


    Google Ads ad plugins add more information about your business to ads. Provides more information than the ad text. These plugins highlight your ad in mobile search results.

    There are two types of Google Ads plugins for mobile:

    1. Automated
    2. manual

    Google Ads plugins are automatically added, and you do not need to do anything. You need to add your own promotional plugins.

    Here are the different types of mobile ad plugins that need to be added manually to the Google Ads platform:

    1. Call extension
    2. Mobile app extension
    3. Offer extension
    4. Site links extension
    5. Location extension

    Contact plugin : This plugin, which is displayed in Google ads on mobile, adds your phone number to the ads by clicking. Users can contact you immediately by clicking on the number. This plugin is useful for creating instant tips and sales. Says Surojit Chatterjee, director of Google's global mobile advertising product group: When an advertiser uses a call or location plugin, it increases the average CTR by 6 to 8 percent.

    In today's modern world, people are either asleep or connected to the Internet. Make sure they are connected to your business when they are not asleep. You put your brand story where they are. Not all website traffic is created equal. While our website traffic is affordable, it's certainly not "cheap". We offer real human website traffic - never bots. Because honestly, what's the point of that? You want real people behind your incoming website traffic that will engage with you and take advantage of messaging or offers.

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