What is a good way to provide always-on intercom for an entire home?

  • The apartment intercom systemsare used to monitor the entry and exit of the home or apartment. It is an electronic device that provides two-way communication and also grants the property access to the building resident and visitors. These intercoms are installed at the building entry and it includes a speaker, a microphone, and a camera in the video intercoms. When a visitor needs access to the building, they must need to follow the direction on the intercom and ask for the property access.

    The 2-Way Talker Shield comes with an "always-on" intercom system that optimizes speech frequencies and offers clear sound regardless of face masks, distance, obstacles, or background noise. The two microphones and two speakers each have their own controls, allowing for clear, private communication. Each shield system comes with all of the necessary hardware and electronics for a new or retrofit installation, as well as tech support tailored to the needs of consultants, contractors, facilities/operations managers, and compliance officers who are responsible for the safety of their employees and customers.

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