Microsoft reveals hackers Solarwinds attacks 150 organizations with 'phishing' emails,

  • Microsoft said. Russian-backed hacker group behind the hack "Solar Winds" to elicit information from several government agencies last year. บาคาร่า ambbet Has conducted a cyber attack on US government agencies. and abroad Including think tanks this week by using techniques of spear phishing or targeted attacks. Through the email of the US Agency for International Development (US Agency for International Development)

    , Tom Burt, vice president of Microsoft. said in a blog post late Thursday evening: such an attack Aims at 3,000 email addresses of more than 150 organizations, at least a quarter of those organizations. work related to international development humanitarian assistance And human rights,however, Microsoft did not specify in a blog post that the efforts of a group of hackers that much success the company Volexity cyber security. which monitors such hacks But it doesn't have the ability to track from email systems as much as Microsoft reports that the low detection rate of phishing emails indicates that hackers. “It should have been fairly successful in infiltrating the target,”

    said Microsoft vice president. also said this attack This shows that the Russian hacker group has made several ongoing attempts to “Aim at government agencies working on foreign policy. As part of its efforts to collect intelligence data "by the governments of these workingcovering 24 countries

    groupshackers. Access your USAID Constant Contact email account, a marketing email account. As reported by Microsoft and sent a realistic phishing email dated May 25 by the content of the email. Claims to have new information about US election fraud in the past year and inserts links containing malware or programs designed to attack computers and networks That would allow hackers to gain access to computers that have been lax in security for an extended period of time.

    Microsoft also reported in another blog post that Such hacking attempts have been ongoing. and there are many ripples by using the spear phishing technique that are aimed at a specific person or company that was detected for the first time in January this past before it evolved into emailing mass users this week.

    The hack is what cybersecurity experts call a “busy” or easy-to-detect action. while the attack event "Solar Winds" in the past year This allows hackers to infiltrate private companies. Dozens of think tanks Including nine other US government agencies, it was a smuggling attack that lasted most of the year. Before cybersecurity firm FireEye caught it in December of last year.

    The Hack Solar Winds Incident was an opportunistic update of some of the company's software. While this hack uses email as a tool. In both attacks, hackers aimed to destroy trust in technology systems.

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