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Über mich

  • About Us
    Hangzhou Ausign Traffic Facility Co., Ltd. located in Hangzhou, a beautiful touring city in east coast of China, near Shanghai and Ningbo. Through the years of development, we have become the leading manufacturer of signage and safety products in East China with 80% of products exported to Australia, New Zeland, US, Canada and EU countries.
    Our facility covers one aluminum sheet de-coiler line capacity of 5000 tons, one cutting line, ten punchers,one bending machine, one linishing machine for both sheets and coils,two screen printing machines,sanding machine,polishing machine,electric welding machine etc.
    Ausign offers a wide range of products including Danger/ Warning/Caution Safety Signs, various types of construction signage, safety tags, portable variable message sign, banners,and all types of permanent and temporary road signage, swing stand, sign bracket, sign holder, permanent LED traffic display, rubber and plastic products all manufactured to the highest quality and to meet Australian, North American, European standard.
    Adhering to the management idea of "Surviving with quality and developing with credibility", relying on R&D of high-tech, and continuously satisfying our customer with reliable and high value-added products,Ausign hopes to develop long-term cooperation with you.
    Our Equipment
    Satin brushing machine for aluminum sheet
    Processing :abrasive belt grinding polishing finishing machine
    Materials: stainless steel ,aluminium sheet or coil
    Max. working width: 400mm;600mm;800mm;1000mm;1300mm;1600mm or others(make as your requirement)
    feed speed: 5-30m/min
    working thickness: 0.5-5mm
    Laminated film machine
    This machine can cover PVC film to a variety of materials,In the furniture, cabinets, speakers and other materials on the three-dimensional film.
    Use automatic digital display technology,High degree of automation, simple operation.
    The table is made of special steel,High temperature resistance and corrosion resistance.
    Use Aluminum strip heating mode,Imported thermal insulation material, heating even.
    High quality vacuum pump,Stable performance.

    Screen Printing Machine
    The printing table adopts to be supported by four parallel axes, the height of table is adjusted by chain driven by hand wheel, so that the stable degree and adjust properties can be increased. The surface of the table is made of the stainless steel which make the table is hard to scratch and distort, the plane degree of the table is less than 0.20mm, which ensure to get the printing pattern much more equal and clearer;China Corflute Sign Board