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Montag, 22. Dezember 2008, 09:56

Hard-Rock Park am Ende

:o9: Das ist hart - kein Käufer für insolventen Hard Rock Park gefunden:

Park News - (12/19/08) I’m personally a little shocked, but apparently there were no qualifying bids put in for Hard Rock Park. With just $3.5 million down, buying an entire theme park for $35 million is steal… even if all they wanted to do was raze the property and relocate the rides elsewhere. Some blame has been placed on not only the current economic conditions, but also some parties have complained that they didn’t feel that they had enough time to do the proper research on the park and the local market. As such, there are rumors that some parties may have asked for an extension to sometime in January to put in new bids.
According to Myrtle Beach Online, a discussion between the city and PARC Management has started again, after PARC put in a letter of intent but failed to make an actual bid. It seems that they actually asked the city and county for a little financing help, asking each to drop $5 million, which was quickly denied. Of course all of this may just be negotiation tactics on the part of anyone interested in the park, hoping to drive down the price a little further. More on this as it develops.


Wer's noch nicht kennt: schnell noch den Besuchsbericht lesen bevor es nicht mehr aktuell ist = Hard Rock Park

Bei vielen Stammtischtreffen dabei :rolleyes:

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Montag, 22. Dezember 2008, 10:08

RE: Hard-Rock Park am Ende

Und die machen zu ...Staunnnnn
Der Bericht ist :daumen:
Bei[img][/img] Stammtischtreffen dabei

Zum Arbeiten zu alt,
zum Sterben zu jung,
zum Reisen topfitt ...